Inner Soulstice Wellness Health and Movement Studio
4848 Colt St #1, Ventura, CA

Upcoming Events / Classes / Workshops

  • Yoga with Ayn

    Movement exploration of the joints, tissue and subtle body- yoga with Ayn is the start of a fresh dialogue with your body. Due to the constant hubbub of daily life, the central nervous system, and subsequently our muscles, keep us in a tight, high-alert, protective mode. The more we dial in and connect, the more surrendering and relaxing can occur.

  • Qi Gong with Ayn

    Learn the Complementary and Alternative Healing Therapeutic Art of Medical Qigong.

  • Roll with Me: A Self Myofascial Release Class

    Roll with me Thursdays @ 5 p.m. Techniques, tips and tricks to relieve pain and tension.

  • Peaceful + Present with Christie Wolfe and Ayn Devera

    Every 2nd Saturday of the Month - Drumming connects us with the natural pulse of life, our heartbeat, and the pulse of mother earth. In turn, this lowers our blood pressure, respiration and heart rates which leads to a great reduction of stress and its accompanying hormones like cortisol and epinephrine.