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Upcoming Events / Classes / Workshops



  • Mondays Yoga Foundations & Movement Lab with Ayn @ 9!

    Awakening your foundation: Whether you are brand new to yoga or perhaps refreshing your "beginner's mind", join me as we explore the body and basic asanas (poses) that protect and strengthen your joints so that you move with ease and joy.

  • Yin Yoga with Laura

    When the yin and yang aspects of life are in balance we find peace, health and harmony.

  • Core De Force 4-Week Total Body Transformation

    Not your mama's Tae Bo. This mixed martial arts class is pumped up with real fighting moves and current music that keeps you motivated throughout.

  • Reiki Drumming Healing Meditation

    Every 2nd Saturday of the Month - Drumming connects us with the natural pulse of life, our heartbeat, and the pulse of mother earth. In turn, this lowers our blood pressure, respiration and heart rates which leads to a great reduction of stress and its accompanying hormones like cortisol and epinephrine.

  • Wise Women's Council

    Apr. 7 - In this intergenerational gathering we connect with each other to open up a space of possibility and new beginnings to honor the Wise Woman within and declare our commitment to the transformation of the planet. We come together as a strong community, ready to tackle new growth spurts and build a solid anchor of wisdom and maturity, a healing vortex where seeds of love, compassion and collaboration are planted.

  • Crystal Healing 101 / Advanced Crystal Healing

    Apr. 29 - These course intensives will teach you the basics of crystal healing so you can learn how to properly integrate them in your own personal journey or healing practice. We welcome all healing professionals to come learn how they can integrate this medicine in their own practice, from LMT to yoga, to RNs and MDs.

  • The Healing Art of Qigong for Increased Health & Longevity

    Apr. 28 - Qigong is an art and a science of cultivating and refining energy. It combines basic physical movements with breath control designed to develop a balance between the body and mind, as well as to facilitate the cultivation of the spirit. In this practical seminar, participants will learn about both the Korean and the Chinese Qigong methods, and how they can benefit the circulatory, respiratory, nervous, musculo-skeletal, and immune systems.

  • Yoga for a Healthy Body: Roots to Hips

    May 5- Hesitant to practice yoga because of instability or an injury? Have you hurt yourself "doing" yoga? I strive to release you of those insecurities by bringing you knowledgeable and skilled practitioners in an intimate setting where you can truly be a student. How do you want to move in your body? Register now and save some bucks.

  • Demystifying Sound Healing

    May 19- In this lecture workshop about music and healing, Dr. Kim will cover a number of topics ranging from the ancient myths and legends relating to sound to modern day music therapy. Participants will also learn practical sounds for healing and balance.

  • Your Body Type and Herbal Wisdom According to Ancient Traditional Medicine

    The practice of Eastern herbology is not a symptomatic approach to healing. It looks for a pattern or a syndrome in order to treat the root cause of a disease. It also deciphers a constitution or body type. In this lecture, use of herbal medicine from both the Traditional Eastern Medicine and the Sasang Constitutional Medicine will be discussed.