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We are so happy to be a part of the Ventura community!

Our Living Creed is to share how a multi-disciplinary, community-oriented approach can effectively treat and affect real-life concerns about aging gracefully. We understand that the key to long-lasting change lies in empowering people to regain control over their health and quality of life without pharmaceutical or surgical interventions. We want to spread knowledge about living well through engaging and interactive workshops, lectures, and training series taught by seasoned, passionate and dedicated professionals.

Join us for movement classes, nutrition, and wellness workshops that inspire lifestyle changes for longevity, wellness, and aging gracefully.

  • About Therapeutic Pilates with Ayn

    Therapeutic Pilates with Ayn is personal, active health care incorporating a variety of modalities and techniques such as Yoga Tune Up­®. Discover the most efficient way to move and gain an invaluable self-care solution specific to your conditioning needs to live unconstrained and free of chronic pain. Learn movement you can take anywhere! Learn more

  • Yoga with Ayn

    Movement exploration of the joints, tissue and subtle body- yoga with Ayn is the start of a fresh dialogue with your body. Due to the constant hubbub of daily life, the central nervous system, and subsequently our muscles, keep us in a tight, high-alert, protective mode. The more we dial in and connect, the more surrendering and relaxing can occur. Learn more

  • Body Grace Movement™- Defining what I do.

    Body Grace Movement™ is the encompassing of all the data I've collected and still am collecting on techniques to improve flexibility, range of motion, and strength, while improving overall health and lifestyle. Learn more

  • Inner Soulstice Wellness is a woman-owned small business.

    Please help share our mission to help people live happy, full moments. Learn more

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  • About Pilates

    Why is Pilates important for you? The Pilates Methodology is well-suited to helping with the dilemma of pain and dysfunction (under or overcompensating different muscles).

  • Meet Ayn Devera

    Each private session with Ayn teaches you appropriate skeletal alignment and strategies to improve fascial movement, flexibility, and muscular support.