Inner Soulstice Wellness Health and Movement Studio
4848 Colt St #1, Ventura, CA

Peaceful + Present with Christie Wolfe and Ayn Devera

"I want to give hope. I want to remind people that no matter how dark it gets, it can always get better. I want to tell people that it's OK to talk about not being OK. I want to allow people to express themselves. I want to allow vulnerability, even amongst men. We have a great fear of being perceived as weak when we cry, or when we laugh too loud, when we show compassion. I just want to let us all know that it's OK — that we're created for a reason. We have those things so we could get through life with them."--Ephraim Bugumba, musician

In the pregnant quiet we will sit together. We will sip heart opening warmth, letting whatever arises to bubble up and form the words we want to say, to invite healing and joy. We delve into the Sutras and the support that they offer us in navigating life fully present and awake. We build the practices of forming a Sankalpa, using mantras and our breath to cultivate steady awareness and focus. Yoga Nidra will begin to tune in our hearts and minds with Samadhi.

The healing drum and Reiki connects us with the natural pulse of life, our heartbeat, and the pulse of mother earth; everything in existence has a rhythm. By drumming we entrain our bodies to the greater rhythm of life.

Thai massage is offered during rest.

Hot chocolate or tea will be served. Please bring a mug from home.

$10 Cash Only Gently Requested at the Door; additional donations accepted.

Boosts the immune system
Reduces stress
Reduces tension and anxiety
Helps with depression
Helps heal trauma and release emotional blockage
Induces synchronous brain activity (Creating connection between hemispheres)
Connect more deeply with your own body.

About the Instructor - Christie Wolfe, LMT, Reiki Master
Christie Wolfe is a Licensed Massage Therapist and Reiki Master, whose studies in Philosophy and Medical Anthropology led her to explore shamanism, through the Peruvian Munay Ki and Medicine Wheel practices. When she took a course that combined Reiki with drumming, she discovered a practice that combined both her energy and shamanism experiences in a transformative and potently healing way. She shares this alchemy in her classes, bringing pure joy and presence through drumming.

What to bring:

Mat or rent one for $2

Bottled water bottle or contained bevy of your choice

Socks/sweater optional, gently suggested

Open mind/body

Please read Waiver/Facility Terms of Use