Inner Soulstice Wellness Yoga, Pilates and Body Movement Studio
4848 Colt St #1, Ventura, CA

Sound Bath & Guided Breath Work

THE SESSION: First, we'll check in to prepare our bodies and breath for meditation, and gently notice our current wave of thoughts and emotions to become more aware and present. Beginning with the "C" bowl to activate the Root Chakra, this base energy will help produce a grounded foundation for the body, mind and spirit to feel supported throughout the sound bath. Damian will then guide us through mantra and intention setting for the practice and towards individual healing needs, further singing bowl toning, breathing exercises, and visualization cues. In Savasana, Damian will play the Didgeridoo over each indivudal to assist us in diving deeper toward relaxation in the Alpha or Theta brain states, where healing occurs best.

Alpha brainwaves are the gateway to your subconscioius mind and lies at the base of your awareness. Alpha is your intuition, and gains more clarity the closer we get to 7.5 Hz. Theta brain waves are present during the REM dream state, and occupy the realm between subconciousness and deep sleep (right before you drift off to sleep, and just before you wake up from deep sleep). 7Hz to 8Hz, the Alpha-Theta border is the optimal range for visualization, mind programming and using the creative power of your mind. It's here, that a sense of deep spiritual connection and unity with the Universe can be experienced and conscious creation of your reality is stimulated, alongside a promotion of your own body's capacity to heal.

ABOUT OUR GUIDE: Damian’s earliest influences on his healing practice were his parents. He recalls observing them practice yoga as a young child. From this initial exposure, Damian cultivated a love of nature, which deepened over time to a passion for outdoor activities. His enjoyment of external challenges includes competitive skydiving, surfing, rock-climbing, and the sacred art of fire-spinning. The balance to Damian’s physical explorations is his daily practice of meditation, mantra, Pranayama, and Asana.  His specialty lies in creating healing frequencies using crystal bowl vibrations. Damian has found these vibrational frequencies to have an amazing effect on the human body, mind and spirit. He personally invites you to bask with us in a healing bath of sounds ranging from the Digeridoo to 432Hz crystal bowls. We sincerely look forward to sharing these healing vibrations of the Universe with you.

Single Class Exchange: $20

Three-for-me-please (Three Class Exchange): $45

Online Payment & Reservation Available