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Skincare & Makeup

  • Super Skin Food 369

    I am really excited to share something I've always loved doing- putting ingredients together to make something special. I have created #SuperSkinFood369, packed with kick-ass oxidation fighting Omegas 3, 6, and 9 and only three ingredients, unless you count the lavender essential oil. This is all I use now to feed and protect the skin on my body! Nourish body and soul with full circle giving and receiving through consciously procured wellness care for your skin.

  • Photo Facial Light Therapy

    Every woman wants healthier, younger looking skin but who wants to pay for expensive treatments, or use of harmful medications or harsh topicals? Reap more than re-newed skin with pulsating red and infrared light therapy to stimulate cellular metabolism, aiding in the development of collagen and elastin. {Photo by Charles Koh}

  • Perricone MD Anti-aging Skincare

    With more than 116 US and international patents for the treatment of damage to skin and systemic disease, Dr. Perricone has become the leading authority on the science of beautiful skin. His groundbreaking formulations with Cold Plasma, Acyl-Glutathione and Vitamin C Ester 15, continue to raise the bar for what people have come to expect from skincare and further cement Perricone MD as global leader in the world of prestige skincare led by innovation, research and science.

  • The Spa Dr.

    Reveal Your Natural Beauty With The Spa Dr. Line of Skincare & Blueprints For Inner And Outer Nourishment That Will Keep You Looking Your Best

  • Only Yourx Skincare Products

    Blending Nature and Science for Customizable Skincare

  • Healthy Skin Glows: Skin Rebalancing Protocol

    A step-by-step guide to creating a science-based, non-toxic skincare routine that heals ADULT acne and promotes clear, glowing skin.

  • Sterling Minerals- Makeup for Beautiful, Healthy Skin

    Hand selected minerals and botanicals of the highest standard to create a rose petal softness and healthy glow to the skin. These formulas will provide skin softness without dryness. They will also hide skin imperfections caused by acne, rosacea, sun damage or cosmetic surgery without looking heavy or caked, providing a flawless finish.