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Body Grace Movementâ„¢- Defining what I do.

I found myself observing posture at a young age. I recall being in my room at age 10 and wiggling my fingers one at a time, willing their movment with my mind, pondering the connectivity from one to the other. 

I remember paying attention to the elderly who took one precarious step after another, and furrowing my brows in deep consternation about the how's and why's their spine became so bent, or what caused them to wobble so unsteadily. I always wondered about life and the aging process and I think that I without fully knowing it at so tender an age became keenly apt at gathering information and applying knowledge toward embodying graceful movement through life. This came about physically first, then mentally, and into full circle, spiritually. And it took time. 

Body Grace Movement™ is the encompassing of all the data I've collected and am still collecting on techniques to improve flexibility, range of motion, and strength, while improving overall health and lifestyle. 

I draw from all the classics, Janet Travell, Joseph Pilates, Vladimir Janda, Pantanjali, Iyengar, to current innovators such as Tom Meyers, Gil Hedley, Marie Jose Blom, Katy Bowman, Jill Miller, and Trina Altman to name a few, and many, many, many hours of continuing education and self-practice. Every session with me integrates a multitude of styles of movement practices. 

Body Grace Movement™ specifically focuses on joint health, mobility, and muscular performance done through facilitated soft tissue release using manual therapy, self therapy, stability training, and strengthening modalities that lean on movement science.

At the heart of each session is empowerment. It is always an educational experience, there will always be teaching nuggets, and learning of valuable skills to keep you healthy and pain-free, so that you can continue doing the activities you love for as long as you live. 

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