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Feminine Crystal Healing Activation

There has been a calling occurring, the sounding of the drum aligning our rhythm toward authenticity. It is time for Wise Women to gather and share their medicine and knowledge about healing- ourselves, each other, and the Earth. Together, we can learn how to Step into Our Light. Together we will create and activate a Crystal Grid of Feminine Uprising, and breathe life into our individual intentions, weaving them together to form a community vision for wise women stepping into their light.

In this course, you will learn the key fundamentals of harnessing crystal energy for healing, wholeness, wellness, and oneness. Even more powerful, you will learn how to create your own personal crystal grid to activate andunleash your feminine wisdom for manifestation, creation, and abundance.

Please join us for this empowering feminine activation and educational event, the second in our 12-month series "Gather, Wise Women Rise" presented and hosted by Inner Soulstice Wellness. On January 27, Domanique Blackwolf will teach you:

-How to intuitively tap into the ancient guidance and information kept within crystals
-How to cleanse them of negative energies
-How to program them with your own divine intentions 

Together, our prayers will induce a vortex of potent healing within and around us. We invite you to Rise.

About your facilitator:
Domanique Blackwolf is an intuitive crystal healer, and has been studying stone medicine for 8 years. Through her in depth examinations, she has developed a deep reverence for the potent energy contained within them, and facilitates workshops to expose their transformative healing capacity. She owns Venus Rising Gems, an online and mobile crystal shop, and is honored to be the guardian of hundreds of "rock people" as they journey to find their next caretakers. Domanique has been leading Women’s Moon Circles for 2 years, creating sacred spaces for women to dive deep into the womb of themselves and embrace the wisdom found there with the support of their ancestors, spirit guides, and each other.


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