Inner Soulstice Wellness Health and Movement Studio
4848 Colt St #2, Ventura, CA

Yoga at ISW

Lately, my yoga practice has directed me toward a path of delicately peeling away the layers of the mind and concentrating on the internal network of the neuromuscular system and the more elusive landscape within that is comprised of our heart, lungs, other organs and the thousands of cells beyond them. On this journey inward, we play with the interpretations of the Sutras by Patanjali and learn to surrender to the support offered by this ancient text.

In the physical dimension, we will utilize yoga blocks, straps, bolsters, blankets, eye pillows, and mats to increase our capacity to "let go" and teach us how to relax and feel supported and safe.

Due to the constant hubbub of daily life, the central nervous system, and subsequently our muscles, keep us in a tight, high-alert, protective mode. The more we dial in and connect, the more surrendering and relaxing can occur. What follows is a subtle awareness of our movement and breath, and a total rediscovery of the body. This type of yoga practice can help bring to light even the psychological colorings of the mind and her thoughts, which no doubt manifest in our postures as well.

Yoga with me is the start of a fresh dialogue with your body and a renewed perspective on form, function and purpose.

Those who would benefit from yoga practice:

  • Everyone!
  • Suffering from misalignment- due to your body's natural bone structure (that with which you are born)
  • Sport-related injuries
  • Degenerative health issues that affect your ability to exercise

What to bring:

Mat or rent one for $2

Bottled water bottle or contained bevy of your choice

Socks/sweater optional, gently suggested

Open mind/body

Please read Waiver/Facility Terms of Use

 $15 Drop-in

5 classes $65