Inner Soulstice Wellness Health and Movement Studio
4848 Colt St #1, Ventura, CA

~Past Events~

  • Demystifying Sound Healing

    May 19- In this lecture workshop about music and healing, Dr. Kim will cover a number of topics ranging from the ancient myths and legends relating to sound to modern day music therapy. Participants will also learn practical sounds for healing and balance.

  • The Healing Art of Qigong for Increased Health & Longevity

    Qigong is an art and a science of cultivating and refining energy. It combines basic physical movements with breath control designed to develop a balance between the body and mind, as well as to facilitate the cultivation of the spirit. In this practical seminar, participants will learn about both the Korean and the Chinese Qigong methods, and how they can benefit the circulatory, respiratory, nervous, musculo-skeletal, and immune systems.

  • Your Body Type and Herbal Wisdom According to Ancient Traditional Medicine

    The practice of Eastern herbology is not a symptomatic approach to healing. It looks for a pattern or a syndrome in order to treat the root cause of a disease. It also deciphers a constitution or body type. In this lecture, use of herbal medicine from both the Traditional Eastern Medicine and the Sasang Constitutional Medicine will be discussed.

  • Mindfulness Meditation Ventura, with Audrey!

    Tuesdays @ 6:30 p.m.: Stressed? Or serene? Regular Mindfulness practice helps down-regulate the stress response so you can be calm and focused even in hectic, difficult times. These structured, science-based classes positively affect parenting & family relationships, workplace dynamics, physical and mental health issues- Stress Management is a skill everyone needs! (REGISTRATION IS CLOSED)

  • Siri Joti Puja/ Community Blessing of Light and Abundance

    Inner Soulstice Wellness Post-expansion Gathering/Celebration and Community Blessing! Sunday, November 5th, 6p-9p

  • Wise Women's Council

    July 14 - In this intergenerational gathering we connect with each other to open up a space of possibility and new beginnings to honor the Wise Woman within and declare our commitment to the transformation of the planet. We come together as a strong community, ready to tackle new growth spurts and build a solid anchor of wisdom and maturity, a healing vortex where seeds of love, compassion and collaboration are planted.

  • Wise Women's Council with Dr. Sirena Pellarolo

    Jan. 13 - When we hold each other without judgement, healing happens. When we lean on each other's wisdom for support, we move through life with less pain and suffering, a brighter perspective, energy, and room for more. These gatherings remind us to fill up our sponges with good stuff that feed our souls, so there's less room for gunk.

  • Move Your DNA Weekend with Tim Harris

    A Move Your DNA Weekend is a two-day intensive designed to give you hands-on experience with all of the exercises taught in the book Move your DNA.

  • Yoga for All Seasons

    Join Rana as she helps you move through the seasons using the wisdom of Ayurveda.

  • Yin Yoga with Laura

    Mondays @ 6 p.m.: When the yin and yang aspects of life are in balance we find peace, health and harmony.

  • Rise Above: Paint Your Angel Wings

    It’s time to paint your WINGS!! Treat yourself to a mini creativity retreat day and sink into your most relaxed, creative self. Please join me for an afternoon of creative possibility, based on Creatively Fit mentor, Whitney Freya's book, 'Rise Above - Free Your Mind One Brush Stroke at a Time'.

  • Ori Tahiti {Tahitian Dance}

    Wednesdays @ 6 p.m.: Learn Ori Tahiti (Tahitian Dance) for beginners, teens, adults with Rika!

  • Messages from Yoni- Concieve Your Future

    A Co-ed Sacred Roundtable for conscious community dialogue on sexuality, romance & intimacy.

  • Dream Catcher Making & Women's Clothing Exchange

    Please join us for a conscious community caring & gathering.

  • Community Drum Circle

    A drum circle is a celebration of life, community, and music-making in the moment. A facilitator guides the group in rhythms and rhythm-based activities. No previous musical or drumming experience is necessary. It's all about FUN!

  • Bedroom Belly Dancing with Athena

    Join Athena and Ayn for heart centered meditation and a dance of laughter and love that reawakens your deep sensual power – and with it the fullness, confidence and joy of embracing yourself and your body. The simple movements are sultry, seductive, sassy and delightfully fun. Step by step, gesture by gesture, you’ll release the Divine Dancer that has always been you.

  • Introduction to Ayurveda Theory

    This is an amazing gift of healing by learning to listen to the nature of our cells brought to you by Rana Haddadin, M.S. Human Nutrition and Ayurvedic Practitioner. We are ecstatic for you to join us for this workshop on healing with the ancient art and science of Life!

  • Sound Healing with Damian Nur Dass Gallagher

    Damian has found vibrational frequencies to have an amazing effect on the human body, mind and spirit. He personally invites you to join us to bask in a healing bath of sounds ranging from the Digeridoo to 432Hz crystal bowls.

  • Bodywork Stew Wednesdays at Noon

    Every Wednesday, we help you explore your current self through guided movement and meditation so you are relaxed and refreshed on Hump Day! Each week experience a different instructor, yoga style, and offering of space.

  • Restorative Yoga and Loving-Kindness Meditation with Mimi Nelson Oliver

    This meditation & restorative yoga practice is one of care, concern, tenderness, friendship, and loving-kindness for oneself and others.

  • Gong Bath Vibrational Immersion w/ Reiki

    Considered one of the most vibrationally potent of the sound healing instruments because of its broad range of tones, gongs combined with Kundalini yoga and Reiki, is a profound and deeply restorative meditation practice that induces self-healing on every level – physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. Benefits include calming the central nervous system and stress reduction because of the deep state of relaxation attained from the vibrations.

  • Reboot and Reboost Your Immune System

    Learn how to reverse disease and age gracefully with Darren Lisle, L.Ac. The ultimate practitioner-guided nutrition program for battling chronic inflammation.

  • For the love of chocolate- A Raw Cacao Ceremony to Activate the Heart

    What is a raw cacao ceremony? Associated with universal love, raw, ceremonial-grade cacao has been used for centuries to unlock euphoric states, release negative emotions, and connect to pure heart energy.

  • Sound Bath & Guided Breath Work

    Integrating different types of music, sound therapies and vibrational tools into your life on a regular basis will lead to deep peace, insights, emotional well being and healing on many levels.

  • Yoga for the Holidays

    Don't let stress get the best of you this season. Enjoy learning a gentle yoga flow that will help you relax, recharge, and restore your mind and body through the entire holiday season.

  • Mondays Yoga Foundations & Movement Lab with Ayn @ 9!

    Awakening your foundation: Whether you are brand new to yoga or perhaps refreshing your "beginner's mind", join me as we explore the body and basic asanas (poses) that protect and strengthen your joints so that you move with ease and joy.

  • Intro 5 Days of Core & Lower Body Challenges

    Join me for an introductory five days of core and lower body challenges. This is for anyone who wants to flatten their abs and lift their booty (amazing for pelvic floor health), and great for runners in search of a cross-training regimen. Want speed? Endurance? Add this for optimal 360° conditioning.

  • Core De Force Total Body Transformation

    Not your mama's Tae Bo. This mixed martial arts class is pumped up with real fighting moves and current music that keeps you motivated throughout.

  • Esoteric Well-being Deconstructed, Dr. Joseph Kim, OMD, Ph.D., L.Ac. {2018}

    {Newsletter} With over 30 years of clinical practice, Dr. Kim helps us demystify Qigong for longevity, sound for healing, and herbal wisdom for your body type.

  • Holiday Boutique

    Help us embrace Fall season and the approach of the holidays. Our aim is to join with other local entrepreneurs such by hosting a Fall Boutique for the community.

  • Fall Boutique

    Help us embrace Fall season and the approach of the holidays. Our aim is to join with other local entrepreneurs by hosting a Fall Boutique for the community. We want to plant the seeds of love and encourage emphasizing the things that have meaning through your unique, handcrafted products.

  • Crystal Healing 101 / Advanced Crystal Healing

    May 13 - These course intensives will teach you the basics of crystal healing so you can learn how to properly integrate them in your own personal journey or healing practice. We welcome all healing professionals to come learn how they can integrate this medicine in their own practice, from LMT to yoga, to RNs and MDs.